Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ruth: Petar's Passionate Vision

My most vivid memory of Petar was the first time that I went to his studio to discuss the possibility of participating in his Peri_scope project. His energy and enthusiasm for the project was indescribably infectious.

He had very elaborate montages of graphics he had assembled for possible displays, a huge data base of web sites and a mailing list a mile long. He kept pulling out one thing after another as he
described his vision in the most passionate terms. Not only would he create a community space to address climate change and other environmental issues, but he would network globally. He would take the containers, the product of global trade, and transform them into a home for global discourse.

Though I was introduced to Petar at his Flux gallery, I only had the pleasure to get to know him in the last couple of years through Public Address and particularly working on Peri_scope. Just last weekend I was looking at the postcards that I'd printed for the Peri_scope project and thinking I hadn't heard from him in a while and needed to get in touch.... Life is precious. In some way Petar understood that deeply as he lived so fully. tried so generously to to raise awareness of the dangers of environmental degradation and create spaces for community to flourish. He will be deeply missed but leaves all of us with the challenge to continue to bring forth the visions which he shared.



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